Taking a unique approach to harmonizing the Biblical accounts, Edwin Alan Salhany expertly weaves the four Gospel stories together into one continuous chronological narrative, removing duplication, and yet preserving all the details and nuances of the different writers. Using the venerable King James text, this is not a paraphrase, but a re-edit of the very Word of God. An invaluable resource for Bible students, pastors, and teachers, each time period and incident in the Savior’s life is identified and labeled, with full text references, dates, and indexes providing a unique and enriching encounter with the greatest story ever told. The Gospel “Lite” enables the reader to study all four Gospels at the same time, while dealing with a single text.

Edwin Alan Salhany


The son of missionary parents Alan is a lifelong disciple of Christ and student of the Scriptures. A master mechanic and successful business owner Alan graduated college cum laude with degrees in theology and applied religion. He has served as an industrial arts, Bible and history teacher, school administrator, youth leader, church elder, and lay-preacher.

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Understanding the Value of Being a Good Samaritan

Being a Good Samaritan, is usually thought of as about doing good to others, according to Christian accounts regarding the parable of the Good Samaritan. However, we should resist the temptation of falling into the sin of pride in being Good Samaritans, wherein we...

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Giving Back to the Community

Giving is an altruistic quality inherent in us humans. Our earliest ancestors formed bonds and primitive groups and communities by mutually giving or sharing what they gathered or hunted. Such was the way of life of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. As the years passed,...

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Loving Yourself Before Loving Someone Else

“The greatest love of all is easy to achieve; learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all” – at first glance, this seems like a quotable quote from a famous personality. But when you copy and paste this phrase and look it up on your internet browser,...

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