Life isn’t always perfect, so people often tend to panic whenever moments of crisis occur. Whether it might be a severe illness, a financial emergency, a terrible accident, or an emotional upheaval, we are prone to experiencing something that tends to shake and weaken our spiritual strength. However, such moments are also things that Jesus Himself experienced, as written in many biblical stories. The sacred teachings of Christ can be a source of great spiritual comfort for those who want to seek respite from the troubles they are facing in life. Apart from the actual words of wisdom spoken by Jesus in the Bible, there are some other points that I have found helpful when facing tough times.


God is omniscient. People in despair often question why God isn’t there when they need Him the most, but the fact of the matter is that He is always there. His omniscience is sacrosanct and the more we understand this, the more that we’ll feel His guiding presence whenever we call for His help. When in doubt keep in mind that God is always listening to your prayers, even when you think and feel that He cannot hear you wallowing in misery. Hebrews 13:5


It’s out of your hands. Perhaps the difficult thing most people can’t seem to grasp is the fact that not everything in life is in their control. Whenever we are confronted with situations that arrive unexpectedly, our initial instinct is to attempt to wrestle control onto our domain, and end up emotionally stressed and drained in the process. Instead, we should allow Jesus to take the wheel.  Let Him drive us to safer waters whenever we feel unsure of our own decisions in times of unrest.


Trials forges inner strength. Despite our aversion to anything that makes us feel weak, we must learn to accept the fact that states of emergency are what builds character inside of us. After all, there is that saying which goes “that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”. Thus, it’s essential for us to remain strong and resilient in the face of adversity. If Jesus was able to go through all the pain and suffering in His life, by His power we can follow His example. 1 Corinthians 10:13

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