Our professional life goes through a lot of changes. These changes often occur in the form of career shifts, career restructuring and career growth. Professionally, we may have more than one job in our life. In a competitive world fueled by capitalism and financial gains, most of us may tend to forget about our spirituality and focus on the vicious competition and clamor for professional success. Let us not forget that all our professional achievements, and everything that helped us come to the spot where we are now, are from God’s graciousness and blessings. As important as knowledge and experience are, spirituality is key to achieving true professional success and achievements.

Since the beginning, God has tasked us with toiling and work for our food and daily living. Way back then, making a living consisted largely of growing and selling farm produce and livestock. Services and manual labor were free or next to free. Everything gained in those days was according to the effort people put into their work, and the amount of produce the people could harvest and sell. For a time, the people seemed content with the labor-intensive, laidback lifestyle.

Then came the invention of money and other monetary equivalents. People began to charge a price for their services.  With the demand for price by the service providers also came the demand for quality of service from the patrons and customers. Thus, the very roots of profession came to be. Fast forward to modern times.

After many generations of industrial and economic revolutions and improvements, we are now steadily and surely climbing the apex of human achievements. Businesses and enterprises have proliferated without bounds in every society. As “money makes the world go around” most of us have no recourse but to join the capitalist bandwagon. We either become entrepreneurs, workers or professionals; all of which require varying amounts of toil and effort, but are all essentially the same.  They are called work or profession.

Profession isn’t measured by how many academic titles and degrees we possess or how high and lofty our positions are in important fields of society; nor is it measured by how big or extensive our businesses and investments have become and how much wealth we have amassed in the process. Rather, it is the honest toil and effort we exert to earn our daily commensurate wage.

Gone were the days when almost all of us tended our plants and farms, raised and fed our cattle and livestock, or went to the seas or rivers with our boats and fishing nets. Farming, shepherding and fishing were the simplest and most honest of professions in those days, and earning a living was laborious yet uncomplicated. We have yet to reconnect with this simplicity in the modern setting. We live in a highly competitive professional world focused on revenue gains and status elevation.

Results and numbers are so important that sometimes the manner in which they are achieved tends to be overlooked. Moral indifference and monetary avarice results in dishonesty and corruption: qualities detrimental to our professional lives and spiritual development. We need to have the spiritual aptitude to apply our Christian teachings in going about our professions. Jesus Christ, Biblical morality and Christian principles should always be at the center of our activities, and should be our guiding light in our decisions. Through this way, we can work honestly, righteously and conscientiously.

Achievements and successes will never be far away, and peace of mind will follows us, when we can fall asleep knowing that we worked honestly. May we find spiritual strength and resolve to do honest work for God in this Bible passage: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters” (Colossians 3:23).

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