There is no better way to enhance your spiritual wisdom and strengthening your faith in God than through Bible readings and applying His sacred teachings in your daily life.   If you are serious about deepening your relationship with God there are several key mental exercises and physical activities that can effectively open your mind and nourish your soul.  If your goal is to get more in touch with yourself, they can also be very beneficial.


Appreciate the good

Life isn’t perfect and we have undesirable experiences from time to time.  Bad things happen to good people, and there is a reason.  We live in an imperfect world, where not everyone lives by God’s perfect moral code, or in harmony with natural law.  But, we are also not left to navigate life alone (John 14:18, Matthew 28:20, Psalms23:4).  Wherever there is darkness, there is bound to be a bright light shining somewhere to make our lives sparkle and shine. Make it a habit to always appreciate the good things that you have received in life. Don’t just focus on the material things, but give greater emphasis to the intangible elements that give your life meaning, such as love and respect from people who matter.  Acknowledge their contributions to helping you accomplish your dreams, and show your gratitude for their assistance.  Nobody achieves great things alone, no matter how hard you have worked for it.  Counting your blessings and cultivating an attitude of gratitude will surely go a long way to helping you become a better person.


Pray or meditate

Whether focusing upward in prayer, or inward in meditation, give yourself at least a few minutes of your time each day to retreat somewhere quiet and allow your mind, body, and soul to give pause.  Prayer or meditation is the most fundamental act of any faithful person, so this should definitely be part of your regimen to help enhance your spiritual growth. Offer your genuine thoughts to God, as you would your best friend, because that is just what He is.  You do not have to worry about offending Him, or saying something the wrong way.  Just unburden you soul on Him (Matthew 11:28), and then listen for His response (Isaiah 30:21).  Learn to hear that still, small voice. This will strengthen your capacity to handle stress and you will be able to live life on your own terms. This also means that where anxiety once expended time and energy, you now have plenty of room for your spirit to focus on God and His divine wisdom. A simple act like this can have a profound impact on your life if you consistently practice it.
Write it down

If there are moments when you just can’t seem to articulate your thoughts try writing your thoughts and feelings into a journal or diary. Writing is a cathartic process and helps you to sort out and release undefined thoughts and emotions.  If you are experiencing emotionally turbulent moments or even the most exhilarating times of your life, unburdening your innermost thoughts in a journal can also help you track your spiritual and emotional progress.  This visible record of how you feel on a daily basis can also help you improve upon your shortcomings and avoid any mistakes you might have committed in the past.  If you are concerned about privacy write out your thoughts anyway.  Loose-leaf note book paper works great, and then, after you have sorted things out you can burn or shred the evidence, a simple act that can, in itself, be therapeutic.

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