Life is a continuous struggle to learn and achieve our dreams. We live with the constant juggling of responsibilities, moral choices and life-changing decisions. We also struggle with our imperfections and shortcomings. A life worth living is not free from mistakes and failures. We just need to deal with the negativities, within ourselves and around us, in order to move forward with personal strength and unflinching determination. No single individual is free from sin and negativity except Jesus Christ, as emphasized by Bible readings and Christian teachings. As for the rest of us, the struggle against negativity is real.

Dealing with negativity is basically not a daunting task. We just need to acknowledge and accept our shortcomings and take steps to make up for our mistakes. When pride, doubt and apathy get in the way, our view of the task changes from being easy to difficult.

Pride itself is not an entirely negative value. We need it to have a sense of self-respect and value, to have dignity and to have sufficient self-esteem. Like any other thing that comes in excess, pride becomes poisonous and poisons our character.

Doubting is the opposing weight that pulls hope and faith down. Life is fraught with uncertainties and we not only have to get used to these uncertainties, we need to prepare for them and resolve them along our journey of life. Being doubtful in times of uncertainties does not help us. It weakens our resolve and our ability to think clearly and rationally, most especially when dealing with the negative aspects of our life. Changing our ways for the better isn’t always a one-step process, or a smooth one either. It is a continuous step-by-step process that needs to be done over and over until we have successfully changed our ways. If at first try our efforts don’t work, we need to try again or better yet, go back to the drawing board and revise our game plan. Doubt should not have a room in our sincere effort to change. To counteract doubt, we need to persevere and keep a positive outlook. Things may get better the nth time around.

Apathy can be like potholes in the road towards reformation and conversion. The expression “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” is like a mantra for apathetic people. Sometimes, we contemplate changing our ways but we don’t even want to lift a finger to start the change. At other times, when we think that our negative qualities are being overlooked by society, we interpret it as being acceptable. Thus, we lose our drive to change because we get used to our own negativity, and we don’t care anymore because it seems that everybody is doing the negative things we are doing. We need to be vigilant, and should closely examine what are considered ‘norms’ in our modern society. A social or moral norm doesn’t necessarily mean it is right. Sometimes, a negative aspect being considered as a norm becomes so because of the apathy of the community.

Negativities exist in our lives to test and develop our characters. An ever reliable manual in dealing with the negativities in our lives is the Bible. God’s sacred teachings and biblical stories can give us enlightening and valuable lessons that we need to be equipped with as we travel through the journey called life. Along the way, we encounter bumps, holes, treacherous paths and detours in the form of negative aspects in life. To continue with the journey we need to push hard and keep looking forward, and not dwell in these obstacles. God’s kingdom is beckoning us and we should set our eyes and move on with our trek towards His kingdom.

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