Bible study is an essential activity in our Christian lives. True, that we need to study the Bible ourselves and learn significant biblical stories and bible readings by heart. More importantly, we need to share our knowledge and also gain knowledge of God’s sacred teachings though a group bible study with fellow Christians. We should also not limit ourselves to interacting only with our fellow church members in bible studies. We also need to come out of our shells and spread the holy gospel and Christian teachings to other people, especially those who need to hear and know of God’s good news.

Like any other activity that needs organizing, a bible study needs to be organized and planned ahead. Organizing can be a tough work to do especially if we do not have the natural knack for organizing events. But fear not, for the Lord is with us.

Setting the date and time and preparing the venue should be on top of your list. The date should be a few days ahead, but not too far ahead so as not to be forgotten; the time should be convenient for the participants as well. For the venue, it can be our local chapel, bible school, our church or even our school classroom. We need to coordinate with our pastor, deacon, parish priest or any person of authority in the church who has jurisdiction over your intended venue. The venue should be clean and presentable to the participants to make them feel at ease and comfortable.

Next, you have to make your event or activity known to potential participants. Do not be afraid to seek help from your friends and fellow Christians. The more hands that help, the better you can advertise and announce your bible study activity. Attractive and informative leaflets can be attention catching. If you are a confident and gifted public speaker, you can publicly share inspiring bible verses and Christian accounts that can help persuade listeners to come and join your upcoming bible study. Your friends can also vouch for you and your activity to their other friends and friends of friends. There are so many ways you can make this wonderful endeavor known.

Then comes the big day: the bible study you have prepared for and organized. As the organizer, the pressure mounts on how you can effectively facilitate the bible study activity. Remember that most if not, all of your participants are beginners. Most of them may feel jittery and reluctant in joining the activity. Most of the times, when we organize activities, we do most of the work when the activity does happen. So when it comes to facilitation, be prepared to welcome the participants, reintroduce the activity and introduce yourself and your members (if you have) to the participants. Make them feel at ease and relaxed by appreciating their taking time and effort in coming and attending the bible study. Once the tension has been relieved, start the study with a prayer of thanks and request for God’s guidance and enlightenment for a successful activity.

Remember to keep the bible study lively and interesting and encourage the participation of each attendee. Reinforce learning by having the participants repeat certain lines from the significant verses you have shared or certain parts of the stories you have contributed and give approving gestures and appreciative remarks. In ending your activity, gather your participants closer this time in prayer and pray with thanks to God for the successful event and His continuous guidance and enlighten as you and participants leave and return to your respective homes.

Organizing a bible study for beginners can be tough. There is the problem of lack of participation, interest and drive to continue learning. Again, as I said earlier, do not fear, for the Lord is with you. Like planting seeds on good soil, you need to cultivate the soil, water the seeds and take care of them until they sprout and grow. Planting the seeds of faith his never easy, but with God’s help, it can be done, and mind you, the rewards are going to be great.

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