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I am the American born son of missionary parents, grew up in Central Africa, and am a lifelong disciple of Christ and a student of the Scriptures.

I graduated in 1978 from Southern Missionary College, Collegedale, TN, cum laude with BA degrees in theology and applied religion. I have been blessed to be able to use my education as a youth leader, church elder and lay-preacher.

Before, during and after college I worked in various blue-collar trades until I found employment as an industrial arts, Bible and history teacher at Pine Forest Academy, a private high school in Chunky, Mississippi. I finished my tenure there as the acting school principal. I am also a certified locksmith, an ASE certified master auto mechanic, and electronic engine control specialist. Since 1984 I have also been a lifestyle/nutritional consultant and the owner/operator, in partnership with my wife, of a successful health and nutrition retail store.

While I entertain a wide range of interests my favorite areas of study include Bible history and chronology, eschatology, and the prophetic significance of the Jewish Tabernacle/Temple services and festivals.

I reside with my wife and family in Ethridge, Tennessee, where we serve our community through our natural foods business and various community health projects, and our church as local leaders.