Inspiring and encouraging one another is part of what it means to love one another.  Some people find it relatively easy to inspire others, while others need to put forth significant effort to do so.  And sometimes, even for those that are “naturally inspiring”, it can be a daunting task because inspiration can also be a matter of perspective.  What may be inspiring to one may not be of any inspiration to another.  So how can we be more of an inspiration to our loved ones?

The best inspiration comes from example. To be spiritually inspirational we must have a relationship with God and His Bible ourselves.  While someone might share some words of “wisdom”, unless they have impacted the life of the sharer their impact will be greatly lessened.  It is a true saying that actions speak louder than words. As Christians, it is imperative that we live out and apply our Christian teachings every day.  A simple act of kindness, generosity and charity can go a long way. To us, these little “good deeds” may not seem very significant, but they can mean a lot to the people who need them. It could transform their lives for the better, encourage them to have a positive outlook in life, uplift their spirits and inspire them to reconnect with God.

If we are being inspired by our own study of the Bible its principles will inspire others.  The Bible contains sacred teachings, interesting stories and engaging proverbs that uplift and nourish our souls.  It is full of wonderful promises for people in despair, under heavy emotions burdens or crushing sorrow.  Its eternal principles can guide us through our busy lives, through dangerous times and uncertain futures. The courage, integrity and faith of the Biblical heroes gives us hope in our troubles.

Make it a practice to memorize those passages that you find especially encouraging, so you can share them as the opportunity arises. If they have impacted you positively you will not find them hard to memorize. Interest is 90% of the task.  In this way we can inspire others through our words and actions – two powerful tools that can affect others and leave significant impacts in their lives.

Also, do not overlook the value of the written word.  If verbal communication is not possible, or desirable, an encouraging note or card with a meaningful scriptural passage can do as well.  Coupled with a short note of how the passage has impacted you, the sender, will more than double the effect.

We need to be careful with what we share and talk about however, as not everyone will respond in the same way.   Even with the inspiring quotes and verses from the Bible, the mind-set of the recipient needs to be considered.  This is the essence of Christian tact.

Now more than ever, we need these inspiring words from God.  When we share them, tactfully, with people in despair, we become channels of God’s grace and compassion for them. We become the ones mending the walkway or bridge between these troubled and weary-hearted people and God. Amazing isn’t it? It can be a humbling and fulfilling experience, to accomplish such a feat. It is also wonderful how simple words of encouragement and words of inspiration from God can help people change.  Plus, inspiring others to connect back to God is one of the greatest gifts we can give Him.

Let us make our lives a worthy offering to God and strive to be an inspiration to others. “Now may our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal comfort and a wonderful hope, comfort you and strengthen you in every good thing you do and say.” 2 Thessalonians 2: 16-17 NLT

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